No Ironmans For Me

So, I was just thinking about how I never learned to ride a bike. Which I often do, usually with pride. Sometimes, I choose to tell people about this prideful inability. And half of the time, after they recover from their initial shock, they ask, “Do you know how to swim?”I don’t know why swimming and biking are related in this way, but they are. The last person I told didn’t even ask about the swimming part. He just made that assumption – instantaneously. “So you can only do the running part of an Ironman, huh?” “Hahaha – wait, I can swim.” People assume since I never bothered to learn to ride a dangerous unstable wheeled object that can go very fast into an oak tree and fling it’s occupant onto a face disfiguring driveway, thereby rendering her to a life that mimics Mr. Joseph “Elephant Man” Merrick, that I can’t tread water. No, I learned to swim. That’s a survival skill.

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