The Home Bartender Guide: Classic Cocktails for Beginners

In this bartender guide, I’ll walk you through the supplies and ingredients to create simple cocktails as well as simple techniques. The basics of cocktail making is easy; however, as with anything, there are common mistakes that newbies make that can be avoided.

What I Need To Sleep

Created with a free iPhone app and index finger 🙂

7 Common Mistakes of App Development

Whether you’re a business looking to recoup lost sales or simply a developer with a great idea, it’s easy rush into the development of an app. However, common mistakes in mobile app development can happen to even the most experienced team.

10 Best ASMR Cooking Sounds

Have anxiety from the never-ending nightmare that is 2020? These ASMR food sounds will help you escape. For a little while. To those of us that regularly spend time chopping, stirring, and kneading in the kitchen, we have long understand the calming effects making a meal for our family has on us. Cooking has long …

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