Nocturnal Baggage

When you’re royalty, is it predestined you must have a separate bedroom from your spouse, or is that only what TV and movies are showing me? I started watching The Crown last night (yes, I am four years late to the party) and I noticed something I’ve seen before. Despite being shown throughout the pilot …

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The Home Bartender Guide: Classic Cocktails for Beginners

In this bartender guide, I’ll walk you through the supplies and ingredients to create simple cocktails as well as simple techniques. The basics of cocktail making is easy; however, as with anything, there are common mistakes that newbies make that can be avoided.

What I Need To Sleep

Created with a free iPhone app and index finger 🙂

7 Common Mistakes of App Development

Whether you’re a business looking to recoup lost sales or simply a developer with a great idea, it’s easy rush into the development of an app. However, common mistakes in mobile app development can happen to even the most experienced team.


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