Faking It

The last few weeks have been a total blast! I’ve have so much fun I can’t even believe it! OMG and also, YOLO! Let me tell you, if you’re looking for a good time, you should simultaneously search for a new apartment and a job! What, you say? I know! It’s THAT good! Know what’s even better? Doing this in a heat wave! Yoooooooo! How better to impress possible future employers than wiping sweat off your brow before it drips into your eyes and open mouth as you explain your education and recent work history! They won’t know if it’s the heat outside or internally that’s generating SO much perspiration! Isn’t that what they say anyway? 90 percent inspiration and 10 percent perspiration?! Kaboom!


The sun beating down on me with it’s rad oppressiveness and City Hall where I’ll be sleeping soon!!!Yowza yowza!

And apartment hunting? In an overcrowded city with limited availability? Bring! It! On! I’d rather this than hanging out at the Beach Club any old day! Get to spend some quality time with the BF trekking miles and riding trains, all the while squabbling over directions and security deposits as the sun beats down onto our dehydrated bodies! And really, what doesn’t say “trustworthy tenants” more than a cranky couple in pit stained shirts and cut offs! Lov! Ing! It! Haven’t found anything yet! But no worries! I have about $536 and 11 whole days to tap down a home and living wage! The adventure continues!!! Time to watch HGTV and watch people bitch about their dated double vanity sinks in their master bedroom ensuite! Bow chica chica wow wow!!

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