Daily UX Challenge

Day 1 – Airline Push Notification

Scenario: A traveler is in an airport waiting for the last leg of a flight home when their flight gets abruptly canceled due to bad weather.

Challenge: Write a message from the airline app notifying them of the cancellation and what they need to do next.

Headline: 45 characters, Body: 175 characters max; Button(s): 25 characters max


For this challenge, the user’s number one concern is, “how am I getting to my destination?” So, the goal is to alleviate any concerns about being stranded as quickly as possible.

Before action can be taken, pertinent information must be given,. The heading is straight to the point so there is no miscommunication – the flight is canceled. Next, the user is going to want to know why the flight was canceled. By letting them know bad weather is to blame, this creates an opportunity to let the brand tell the user they are looking out for the user by saying “unsafe flying conditions” evokes a caring attitude as opposed to boring and toneless “flights are grounded”.

Now, let’s solve the problem – the user needs to know when they can expect to be on the next flight. First, let’s acknowledge their concern while adding a conversational tone – don’t worry! Finally, action by the airline is being taken by booking the user on the next flight, but allowing them to search other flights if the new booked flight doesn’t accommodate them. They’re already stuck in an airport – let’s not get them stuck in an app.

Day 2 – Promo Screen for Mobile App

Scenario: A user is a working parent, and a big sports fan, in the midst of their favorite sports season who can no longer attend games.

Challenge: Write a promotional screen for an app that lets a user choose teams, sends game reminders, real-time score updates and highlight videos.

Headline: 40 characters, Body: 175 characters max; Button(s): 25 characters max


Hopefully, the title resonates for a basketball sports app – I’m assuming LeBron gets benched, sometimes? Like if he’s injured or they’re up 50 points? Anyhow, since the user is a parent that can’t get to his or her games, I wanted to show empathy by implying hey, you’re the LeBron of your family, treat yourself, Briefly, the benefits of the apps is listed with a prominent call to action button to download the app.

Day 3 – Error Message for Wrong Password

Scenario: The user entered the wrong email address to sign in to their account.

Challenge: Tell the user to enter the right email.

40 characters max


A gentle nudge will do here. Using a conversational tone will hopefully keep the user engaged. Frustrating the user any further could lead them to give up, abandoning the site. Or if they stick with it, they’ll enter the site irritated, leading to a bad experience.

Day 4 – Promo Screen for Grocery Delivery App

Scenario: A user is in their favorite supermarket. They open the supermarket’s app on their phone to see what’s on sale and are greeted by a promotion.

Challenge: Write a promotional home screen for a subscription service that delivers groceries to the user once-a-month for a flat fee.

Headline: 45 characters max
Body: 175 characters max
Button(s): 25 characters max 


The concept for this challenge is loss aversion. Coupon clippers, in my personal experience, don’t want to miss out – they feel like they’re winning a prize or beating the system. My partner’s family is constantly on the lookout for free things – ooo, they love that dopamine. After some light research, I also learned that people use grocery delivery services to save time – they’re paying for convenience. But this user is shopping for sales – they want the best deal. What if an incentive, like $5 off the first order with the language implying the deal is temporary, is provided? The user might come to the conclusion that, yes, they are saving time and money.