Craigslist Redesign: Apartment Search

Despite its lack of aesthetic, Craigslist has been around for 25 years – and it looks that way. How much more traffic would the site generate if it was simply cleaned up? Even though your Grandma’s kitchen has been feeding family successfully for decades,when given the chance, redesigning would increase the functionality.

For this Craigslist redesign, I chose to highlight a user navigating the site to find an apartment. There are some downsides to apartment hunting on Craigslist as opposed to hunting on Zillow or Domu. Hierarchy is almost nonexistent and finding navigation tools could be easier. If the site was redesigned with clear hierarchy and a pleasing aesthetic, wouldn’t site traffic increase?

Home Page

In the redesign, the crowded home page is gone, replaced with the 8 categories displayed with graphics. The 3 main categories utilized by users are more prominent than the other 5 categories, creating a clear hierarchy. The calendar is also simplified. ‘My Account’ and ‘Create a post’ are moved to the right side of the screen where you a user would typically find that info. All sub navigation that was originally on the left has been moved to bottom navigation along with a sitemap.

Redesigned Home Page

Instead of having a jumbled list of subcategories displayed on the home page, they are placed under drop down menus, streamlining the home page.

Housing subcategories on dropdown menu

The same with the city list that crowded the right side of the original home page. Reverted to a drop down menu with main categories along with a search page, eliminating the long list of nearby cities.

City list with search bar on drop down menu

Apartment Search

For the apartment search page, I moved the navigation from the left side into a navigation bar at the top and capabilities to change each filter category independently or by choosing ‘filters’, going through a checklist of the user’s needs and wants. The map has also been enlarged and moved to the left side.

Apartment Search Results

When choosing an apartment, the call to action button allows the user to set up an appointment to see the home.


Home Wireframe
Apartment Search Landing Wireframe
Apartment Search Module Wireframe