Preserved States

Press Release

Preserved States imports seafood conservas, or tins, directly from Spain and Portugal. Ranging from well known consumer products like mussels, sardines and razor clams to the more adventurous cockles and baby eels, the conservas are all hand-packed using traditional methods, meaning no preservatives and all natural. The fish are canned hours after being pulled from the sea, maintaining the fresh brininess of the Mediterranean and breaking the notion that all canned food is low quality.

Formerly Culinary Director of Folkart, Owner Andrew Gietzen began Preserved States in October 2017 after 20 years working in the kitchens of Chicago restaurants. With co-owner Nancy Parng, Gietzen sought out to import the products he longed to cook with, but were not readily available in the U.S. Conservas are widespread in Portugal and Galicia. Gietzen and Parng believe seafood conservas can become a mainstay in American restaurants as well.