That’s It!

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We accidentally watched 3 minutes of Entertainment Tonight last night. The piece we had the misfortune of stumbling on while searching for a lost remote was about a influencer on Tick-Tock. I don’t know her name or her ex-boyfriend’s name who they also centered on or why she was annoyed people were obsessed with their break-up since people only knew about her because she made herself a subject of interest or even how the fuck any of this is considered entertainment…tonight.

She did write a book, which I bet is a thrilling read. I don’t remember the title because why would any of us, but the cover was a photo of her throwing out a peace sign or kissing face or some shit while surrounded by a volcanic explosion of emojis on a baby pink background. So, I hope you’re getting an idea of who this person is. If not, you will when I tell you how she described her memoir:

“You read it. And that’s it!”

I mean, Hemingway famously wrote a story in only six words, which was “For sale: baby shoes. Never worn.” but “You read it. And that’s it!” is remarkably better. I like she choose to give the ET audience a how-to guide on reading books. She also might mean, I realized after laughing for ten straight minutes, that after reading whatever is between those analogue Pepto Bismol-colored pages, haters can’t give their unfettered and most likely abusive opinions like they would on her Tick-Tocks.

For an influencer who put herself out there unprodded, it seems weird to be befuddled by internet trolls leaving nasty comments. She knew what happens on the internet, didn’t she? Check out any comment section and no matter if the person is dancing or baking a cake there’s unconstructive criticism, armchair psychology, or random tidbits about MAGA nation. That’s a major tenet of the internet comment world: to fuck up a complete stranger’s day by writing some heinous shit.

I like that she choose to express herself in a book. Haters still gonna hate, but at least you don’t have to read death threats and other awful misogyny people like to fling at young women for expressing themselves. But there will still be criticism. Like book reviews. Or comments on social media posts hawking that memoir. Or in this blog.

But that’s it!

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