10 Best ASMR Cooking Sounds

Have anxiety from the never-ending nightmare that is 2020? These ASMR food sounds will help you escape. For a little while.

Photo by Taryn Elliott on Pexels.com

To those of us that regularly spend time chopping, stirring, and kneading in the kitchen, we have long understand the calming effects making a meal for our family has on us. Cooking has long been known for its stress relieving attributes – home cooking, that is. The men and women on the line at your local restaurant are happy to let you know, nope, it’s pretty stressful, actually.

But making waffles in your jammies on a Sunday morning or making dinner after work with a glass of wine? Hell, yes.

While most of the calming effects of cooking come from the creativity involved in creating a dish, and is often recommended for quelling anxiety, as the egg shortage and sourdough craze during quarantine only further proved, what about the sounds of cooking?

Often called “brain massage”, ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response, are soft sounds that have a sedative dreamy effect on the listener.

So now there’s two reasons to blame on your food coma.

These ASMR food sounds will either have you headed for the couch to take a snooze or into the kitchen to eat. I will probably end up doing both. Check out these 10 best ASMR cooking sounds

Sizzling Pan

Meat or veggie, when something hits that hot oil – oooOoooOO, baby, the hair on the back of my neck stands up.

Tongs Test Clicks

This one might not fall under ASMR, but hearing the clicking of cooking tongs, even when I’m one doing it, makes me get excited for what’s about to be in my stomach. AND YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO TEST IT.

Chip Bag Crinkling

Does anything get your ears perked up more than the sound of cellophane, especially a chip bag, crinkling? The sound of any kind of plastic bag being crinkled will make me scream, “Bring me some, please!” from the couch.

Popcorn Popping

Home, movie theater, or inherently unhygienic dive bar, there is no better sound. I can already smell the butter.

Butter. Just Butter.

Speaking of butter, this one straddles the line between the soothing and kinda grossing me out. But there is no better sound of fingers sliding over a new still packaged stick of butter. You have so many possibilites, butter stick.

Knife Chopping

Cutting veggies is probably the most mediative, albeit tedious task, in the kitchen. The sound of a knife rhythmically hitting a cutting board is money, but when you factor in the sound variation between the blade cutting through cabbage or the more subtle scallions? There’s more and more dopamine and oxytocin flooding my bloodstream with every cut.

Refrigerator Opening

That tiny suctioning sound with a little breeze of refreshing cool air. Mmmm, yes.

Kneading Dough

Kneading dough is very subtle sound, except if I’m kneading stiff bagel dough, then there’s usually a lot of sweaty plaintive cries about my aching shoulders.

Kitchen Timer

C’mon, c’mon, c’mon… *ding!* YES.

Cereal Poured Into A Bowl

This is my favorite. Maybe because I love cereal so much, but mainly because committed to pouring 19 DIFFERENT GLORIOUS CEREALS. I thank you for your thoroughness, whoever you are.

Can you think of any ASMR cooking sounds I left out? Comment below with your favorite!

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