A Shitty Poem

Writing is a right of free expression.

Posting in a blog isn’t a “viral attack”.

Telling the truth isn’t “malicious”.

Wanting people to know what happened isn’t “spiteful”.

Being asked to “stop writing about him” is a request, not a demand.

Refusing to be silent because “people is his life are starting to ask questions” isn’t crazy.

Believing that “personal relationships are meant to stay personal. Period.” is his belief, not the law.

Threatening to “get a lawyer involved” is intimadation.

Writing about a horrible experience is cathartic.

Changing the locks on me on the home we shared was illegal.

Keeping silent about his drinking was enabling.

Saying that I’m “out of control” and “gone nuts” is gaslighting.

Gaslighting is verbal abuse.

Manipulation is abuse.

Blocking him ends this.


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